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Just updating...

2010-03-07 22:22:28 by omgtehmuffinman

Nothing to say other then I'm still around here uploading my song, and every now and then something utterly random and stupid. Hope you guys check out my music, and give some respectable critique! (Thats a lot to ask for considering the site I am posting on...) Thats all!


Haven't Been Posting!

2009-09-02 14:58:42 by omgtehmuffinman

Yeah.... I have not been updating my News Posts very much.... well.... I am making music now... (that's kinda old news now though...) and I am getting better with each song! For now I am still in a learning process... and hope to become better! My only hope is to be able to have it as a hobby (mostly because I am highly musically inclined) and to also be able to make music for anyone who needs it! Whether it's for listening, or for using in projects, i just hope to benefit people with my music in some way!

Well... I guess that's it... other then that I no longer post my art on here due to the fact that most of my art is just sketching on lined paper and I am not going to bother with posting such.

Hmmm well that's it!

Hast ein Guten Tag!

Art Section

2009-06-21 21:37:40 by omgtehmuffinman

So, the new art section to Newgrounds is up, and I for one am excited to see what Newgrounds users have to offer! I for one made a contribution to the art section by actually posting something! I posted Happeh Fun Time! using my character and my friend! Can't exactly say its high details or complicated or anything... it's just simple and amusing! I found it hilarious so it is currently my background! If you can please check it out, rate it... comment it.... and I am not afraid of constructive criticism.


2008-11-06 20:19:59 by omgtehmuffinman

I never finished anything but I will still be on here so send me a message cause' I'm not dead :P

Oh and... another filler pic.


YAY...... sorta?

2008-09-05 21:12:14 by omgtehmuffinman

K well I just got the account and i am just mostly posting reviews and stuff for now. I am HOPING that i can at least get like 5 projects done so i have more then just one thing here at a time.... so..... yeah....... it's not like anyone will ever read this anyway so thats all for now! OH! and heres some random filler pic to make my page temporarily cool.... (and empty lookin')

YAY...... sorta?